This is a rather simple, yet fun game starring Pit, the Angel Warrior. Nintendo doesn't use him in enough games, and I think that's a shame. Basically the plan is to climb out from the underworld and defeat Medusa, the ringleader of all the monsters. Pit has wings, and he can't use them.

I find it disturbing.....

Kill those snakes! The more you kill, the better your chances of getting a Power-up are.


Uh oh Pit, what are you going to do now, with these two eyeballs coming for you?


Kid Icarus Q. & A.

Q. Why is this game so darn hard?
A. I don't know, but it is isn't it? Yea, I'd say the worst part is jumping from platform to platform without falling. And since Pit's wings are useless, you die if you miss a jump without an Angel Feather.

Q. What does a credit card do?
A. First of all, you get a credit card if you guess the order in which to open the bags on the bonus rooms. This may be used at a store to purchase any one item for free! But watch out, they shop keepers to expect you to pay off your bill.

Q. What do the items I find in the dungeons do?
A. They don't do anything until the last level, and then Pit gets all-powerful! (Plus he flies! Hooray!)