Megaman is my favorite Nintendo game of all time. Known in Japan as Rockman, he has been the star of many games, even now on some of the newer platforms such as Sega Dreamcast. His first game was released in America in 1987. He is one of the many lovable characters created by the development team at Capcom, one of the biggest video game producers, even to this day. For the NES there were 6 Megaman titles:

Original Megaman Boss Screen

Megaman 2 Boss Screen

Megaman 3 Boss Screen

Megaman 4 Boss Screen

Megaman 5 Boss Screen

Megaman 6 Boss Screen

Metalman Stage (Megaman 2)

Iceman Stage (Megaman 1)

Super secret Megaman 2 trick: I was playing around with Megaman 2, and had just selected my boss. To my surprise, in the places where stars normally zoom by, small birds had been substituted. I played around for a little while trying to figure out why this had happened. It turns out that if you hold down the A and B buttons at the same time immediately after you select the boss, this glitch within the game occurs! Talk about funny!


Megaman Q. & A.

Q. Why do you say the Megaman series is the best?
A. Megaman is a basic platform game with two main buttons, jump and fire. The reason why I prefer it over other similar platform games such as Super Mario Bros. or Ninja Gaiden is because of the ingenious idea of the main character gaining the abilities of whichever boss he defeats. By the end of the game, not only can Megaman preform his basic functions of jumping and shooting, but he also has another huge arsenal of options at his disposal which become available to him as you get further. It’s kind of like every stage has it’s little reward for Megaman, and depending on the order in which you beat the bosses, the game presents a different challenge to you each time you play. FUN!!!

Q. Which game out of the series do you like the best?
A. Definitely Megaman 2, and that’s probably because it was the first one I ever played. The original Megaman was a close 2nd place though.

Q. What is the biggest challenge for you when you play this game?
A. I’d have to say that the part that I get stuck on the most, in any Megaman title, is the vanishing blocks that you have to jump to and from. This part of the game requires memorization and timing, as well as the usual hand-eye coordination that any NES action game requires.

Q. What is a piece of useful information you can give a Megaman rookie?
A. During the boss fights, there’s usually two important things to remember:
1) The bosses move in certain patterns. Carefully watch each boss and how he moves and attacks. After a while you will be able to avoid getting hit a little more easily.
2) Each boss has a weak spot, which means one of the other bosses weapons works well against him. For example, in the original Megaman, if you use the Cutman weapon on Elecman you should be able to defeat him in 2-3 hits.
If you can master these two things, beating the bosses can be much easier. However, some experienced players may want to try and beat it with out using the special weapons. If you can beat all of the bosses with the original weapon (Mega Buster), you know that you are good.