A game where the main character is shrouded in mystery. Samus Aran, a bounty hunter is sent to defeat the evil Mother Brain on the planet Zebes. There are many cool items and abilities that she can gain along the course of her journey. This game is definately a classic, and a must have.

There is never a shortage of critters walking around, trying to kill Samus.

Samus has her work cut out for her here.


Metroid Q. & A.

Q. Why can't I open the red doors in this game?
A. The secret to it is to fire 5 missles at the door. Then opening it should become a cinch.

Q. What should I do first?
A. First you need to go to the left and find the rooling ball ability. This ability allows Samus to fit through some narrow spaces more easily.

Q. What is the best weapon?
A. I like the Freeze Ray, it may take longer to kill an enemy with it, but the added bonus of being able to freeze a monster and use it for a foothold is cool.

Q. How do you know Samus is a woman?
A. Try beating the game, then you will understand.