Welcome to the new site!

Hey, glad you could stop by to explore the world of artist and web designer, Matt Rose. This site is merely informational, and is a fresh look for the old Pyroskankic site. It will also be updated often, so stop by frequently to see whats new.

Why is the site name Pyroskankic, you ask?

Well the name stems from a few jumbled facts from my past.

My first computer was given the name Pyro, and served me well throughout much of my educational years. My favorite music has, and most likely always will be ska, and the dance you do to ska music is called the 'skank'. So, when I was first introduced to the world of the internet, I had to come up with a handle, something that wasn't lame and unoriginal, like mrose2376. I used the words pyrotechnic and skankin' to come up with the handle.

Ok, so I was wrong, it is lame.

So who is Pyro?

Well, my name is Matt, but I've gone by many nicknames in the past. Pyro, Rosey, The Big Red Machine, The Token Irish Guy, Omega, and Yoshi to name a few.

Pyro stems from my handle online, as you already know. The same goes for Omega, another handle of mine.

Rosey stems from my days as a young chap in middle school art class. The nickname was passed down from my oldest brother and sister, who were also 'Roseys'. It first was used regularly on me by my middle school art teacher and just kinda stuck after that. He was not the best teacher, always taking my work, and 'improving' upon it by adding his own drab artistic flare to it. Before that point I was known as Yoshi, which was a nickname I had for two reasons: I was and still am incredibly into Nintendo games. And because I was the only kid that could lift up any other kid in my class on thier back piggy-back style.

The Big Red Machine, and The Token Irish Guy stem from what other people called me based on my apperance. Yes, I'm a big, red-haired irishman. What do you want from me?


Copyright? Aww man, are you going to make me involve the law in this? And just when I was starting to have fun. Oh well, here goes. You have permission to re-use any general design techniques, as well as CSS code or HTML markup on these pages as you see fit in any of your future projects. However, any other work, including (but not limited to) images and/or text you find on this site is not to be re-used anywhere, unless explicitly granted by the author and/or creator of the file/text in question. That's about it. I guess that wasn't so bad, now was it?