Site News

01/08/05- New site design again, with a heavy CSS influence. Been meaning to update the look for awhile, and the new Photo Archive is enough of a reason to update for me!

Old Site News

11/04/03 - Added the Vegas Pics Section, this will later be the Photos Section, but I haven't quite finished yet...

07/15/03 - Changed the look and feel of the site. E-mail me and let me know what you think!

06/25/03 - Flash Portfolio section up and running (including the Flash A-Team Site ); the video and image files are still not optimized for anything slower than a good broadband connection, so things may run slowly the first time through... check it out, though!

05/11/03 - Pyro and Friends section up and running.

04/15/03 - Added Links on the portfolio page for the Three Dimentional Shockwave section .

03/25/03 - Added Links on the portfolio page for The Lisa Klitzky Foundation and the NES Info Archive .

03/13/03 - Well, here goes nothing, this is the beginning of what will be my site dedicated to my life, including the friends I've met, the experiences I have, and the work I do. The design at this point is just a rough idea of what the site will look like.

If there is any ideas for the site, recommendations for my design, or if anyone ever wants to just drop a line feel free to use the E-mail link to the left.

And, if for some reason that doesn't work send it to

Here’s to (what hopefully will be) an interesting, fun website.