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Stands for Robotic Operating Buddy, was a little, one foot high, legless robot which interacted with the video games compatible with it (e.g. Gyromite and Stack Up). When released in the US it was included in the Original Set together with the control deck, two controllers, the Zapper lightgun and the two games Gyromite and Duck Hunt.
The robot had a sensor in his head which detected when the TV flashed in different ways. The robot could do things like pick up a chip from a stack and then drop it on a pad that opened a door in the game.

The Zapper

A red gun (originally in a white and gray design) that was sold with the game Duck Hunt. You point the gun at the TV screen and shoot. The game then feels if you hit or miss! Have you ever wondered how it really works? Well fear not, because I have the answer....

Every time you pull the trigger on the Zapper, the NES redraws the screen a little bit different. The "shootable" things on the screen are drawn in white and everything else is in black. The Zapper has a little sensor that can tell light from dark and if the sensor "sees" a white spot on the screen, it is a hit. Otherwise, it's a miss.
Available games for the NES Zapper (that I know of!): Duck Hunt, Gumshoe, Hogan´s Alley, To the Earth, Wild Gun Man, Track 'n' Field 2, Trick Shooting, Bayou Billy, Freedom Force, Gotcha! and Shooting Range.

Power Glove

Not very useful, but at least it looks cool!

A little box with two sensors that can read if you have your hands inside the box or not. Maybe fun with Punch Out!
NES Satellite

Lets you play with up to four people at one time on the NES.

Power Pad

"Get in shape while you play a Nintendo game!"
When it was "discovered" that sitting and playing video games day in and day out wasn’t so healthy for you, Nintendo decided to market this odd NES accessory under the slogan, "Get in shape while you play a Nintendo game!". The Power Pad is a big carpet-like mat with 8 big buttons, which you use to control the game (like a gigantic controller!). It was released with the 5-games-in-one cart Athletic World. The accessory was first named Power Pad in the US but changed name to Family Fun Fitness when released in Europe. Other compatible games were later released. Here is a preliminary list: Dance Aerobics, Eggsplode/Shortorder (two-in-one cartridge), World Class Track Meet, Super Team Games, Street Cop and Athletic World. Most of the games are sports games but there are some other type of games as well. For example Street Cop is a very rare beat 'em up where you use both the Power Pad and the regular NES controller.

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