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Mario and Luigi

The stars of Super Mario Brothers, and Nintendo's main icons.
They are both Italian plumbers that usually find themselves on a quest to save
a princess somewhere.








Main character in the Legend of Zelda games, Link looks alot like an elf.
Isn't he cool looking with the sword and shield?







"The Blue Bomber" is my favorite NES hero.
He gains the powers of whoever he beats. If only I could be him............







Samus Aran

Don't be fooled by the suit, Samus' secret is that she is actually a woman.
She is also an intergalactic bounty hunter. The best in fact.
The star of every Metroid title to date.







The Warrior Angel, you can play as Pit in the game Kid Icarus.

My question is this:
Why does he have those useless wings on his back.
It's not like they let him fly.....






A little pink puffball that eats everything. Much like Megaman, he gains
the powers of his enemies. The difference is that he has to eat them first.
Demented, no?



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